This yam and egg dish yamarita was made from the idea of a sophisticated breakfast from the usual way of serving and preparing this combo. In this recipe I added a fresh oil-free tomato sauce and sauteed vegetables to go with it, it is yummy.


Briefly, I will talk about the nutritional values of yam and egg before going into the recipe proper. 150g of yam contains 177 calories, 14mg sodium, 1224mg of potassium, 0.3g of fat in total, 2.3g protein, 42g of carbohydrate in total, vitamins A-4%, C-42%, B6-20%, calcium 2%, iron 4% and 7% magnesium.

An oil free tomato sauce accompanies the yam and egg, which is good enough for people with low oil requirement. I will touch a little part of the nutritional facts of egg (50g which is 1 large egg) – sodium 62mg, 78 calories, 63mg potassium, 6g protein, 0.6g carbohydrate, vitamins making up to 31%.

[recipe title=”Yamarita-yam and egg, oil-free tomato sauce with veggies” servings=”2-3″ time=”45 minutes” image=”https://chuliciousblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Yamarita.jpg”]

  • 1/2 inch, 8 slices Yam
  • 2 pcs Egg
  • Cooking oil
  • Green pepper, shredded
  • Red pepper, shredded
  • Seasoning


    1. Parboil yam
    2. Break eggs into a bowl, season. Whisk till yolk and albumen (the white part) is combined
    3. Heat oil to medium high temperature
    4. Dip boiled yam in egg, place in hot oil. When brown remove from oil and place on paper towel to drain excess oil
    5. In a separate pan, heat little oil. Add in green and red peppers, saute. Season
    6. Keep hot

[recipe title=”Fresh Tomato Sauce”]

  • 50g Onion
  • 30g Celery stalk
  • 30g Leek
  • 30g Carrot
  • 200g Fresh tomatoes, cut into 4 parts
  • 3 tablespoons Tomato paste
  • Seasoning
  • 1 teaspoon Sugar
  • Chilli (optional, just to make it spicy)
  • Water


  1. Combine onion, celery, leek, carrot, fresh tomatoes and water in a pot. Bring to boil
  2. Cook ingredients for 10 -15 minutes. Add in tomato paste
  3. Add in sugar to correct the tangy taste. Season
  4. Allow to boil for 10 minutes
  5. Correct seasoning


Serve hot. Can be eaten as breakfast or dinner. Leave a comment.

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