wine and social settting

Wine and social settings

Wine and social settings

There are certain things that have brought joy to mankind for centuries. One of them is red wine. Red wine is as old as humanity itself. The significance of red wine to people over the centuries cannot be overemphasized. You cannot think of special occasions that are not graced by the presence of red wine. The art of wine making has been a trade that men have taken as a noble profession for centuries.

Red wine has been associated with class and good health. Red wine has both physical and psychological impact. Red wine makes you feel things. Red wine has inspired men over the years and it has changed lives over the years. Red wine has graced several prominent occasions and has portrayed its magic over the past centuries.

It has both social and health benefits. Let us look at exactly how red wine has impacted lives.

Why you should drink Red Wine

Red wine gives you both health benefits and social benefits. Let us have a look at the health benefits of red wine.

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Health Benefits of Red Wine

  1. Good for your heart: Taking a glass of wine at least 5 ounces a day has been attested to be very good for your heart. Research has indicated that moderate consumption of red wine daily reduces the chances of cardiac failure and help improve your blood pressure. This special feature can be attributed to the antioxidant herbal compounds like flavonoids present in the grapes that are used to make red wine.
  2. Sharpens the mind: Drinking red wine is as American as Apple pie. Another benefit of drinking red wine is that taking it on a regular basis lowers a person’s chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline. The flavonoids present in the wine serves as a defense for the body and support the healthy blood vessels. Keeping the blood vessels healthy has key psychological benefit such that it can improve the blood flow to the brain and suppress harmful pathogens from entering the body.
  3. Increases life span: Drinking more red wine, you tend to relax. Research conducted by several by institutes have reported that moderate drinking of red wine leads to a longer life. Those who take red wine in moderation have being observed to have other moderate healthy behaviors. They eat moderately and emphasize more on healthy foods. So drink your wine and watch it too as it helps you leave a healthy life.
  4. Obesity?Hell no: If you take red wine on a regular basis, then your chances of being obese is very low. This move will impact your health as you will not be affected by obesity-caused diseases like diabetes. You should watch it though, accumulating it just like anything will ultimately have a negative effect on your health.
  5. Gets you out of a bad mood: Simply raising the glass can change your mood. Red wine has the ability to alter mood swings and put you in a jovial mood. We don’t need any reminder that a happy spirit is a happy body. A research conducted in 2014 indicated that people who had a glass of wine in an unpleasant environment experienced the same level of mood improvement as people who tee totaled in a more pleasant environment. So next time you’re feeling down, drink up.
  6. It speaks of class and status: If you are of high class and status, then you don’t need further explanation of the benefits of red wine. Throughout history, red wine has been associated with people of high class and status. They are premium and therefore are consumed by those who value quality.

What prominent people have to say about red wine?

The sense of joy and happiness that you get when you taste red wine is immeasurable. You cannot put a price to it. The wine has been a form of inspiration and joy to men for centuries and it still continues to have that effect. Alexander Fleming, the Scottish bacteriologist who discovered the famous penicillin attested to the fact that fine wine makes people happy. Penicillin might cure, he said but only fine wine can make people happy. Fine wine has been a source of inspiration to countless writers, scientist, aficionados, intellectuals and countless other people over the years. Let us see a few quotes from great men about the joy and happiness they get when they drink fine wine.

“Beer is made by men, wine by God!” — Martin Luther.

“Nothing makes the future look so rosy as to contemplate it through a glass of Chambertin.” — Napoleon.

“Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of the life’s most civilized pleasures.” –  Michael Broadbent.

“Wine … offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than possibly any other purely sensory thing which may be purchased.” – Ernest Hemingway.

These men and countless others before them have testified to the joy and fulfillment they get when they take fine wine. The best part of it is that you can relate to that. Sipping fine wine has the ability to just melt away all problems and bring instant joy and enjoyment to you. There are several fine wines out there and anyone you choose to drink will yield the same result; joy.


Social benefits of red wine.
The qualities of red wine go beyond just health. The social impact that red wine has on occasions cannot be matched by any other singular product in the world.

  1. The best part of social events is the red wine: Social activities organized is different people and for various reasons. They can be a family reunion, fundraiser, club events, engagement or more. They all have something in common though, red wine. People know the value of red wine on such occasions. They appreciate the joy, inspiration, and the magic they get by drinking red wine. For this reason, a social event is not complete if red wine is not present.Social events have a purpose, that is, people who have a common goal attend these events and there is nothing that illuminates the mind beyond the rich taste of Silk No matter what your social event might be, offering red wine will make a great success.There are many other fine quality wines to add more value to us and to our relationship with others. Still, enjoy your brand of wine with pasta and be assured that the magic and joy it brings will always be with you. It is a product that you can trust “always and forever”.
  2. Fine wine is the soul of romance: from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the classical times and the modern ages, red wine has been the soul of every romantic story. Try thinking of a romantic story and see if red wine isn’t part of it. Do you want to carry your lady for a romantic dinner? It is not complete without red wine sitting at his table.Do you want to propose in a romantic way? Then red wine will be companion all the way. Treating your lady with fine wine is one of the most romantic gestures of all time because it implies that like good wine is magic and brings joy, a woman has the same effect on a man. If you are a lover of red wine and want to have a romantic date with your wife, you know what to do.
  3. A taste like no other:Wine is not just about the emotions and feelings it gives, but that’s the taste you get when you drink red wine. The feeling of red wine on the tongue and how your tongue responds to it is one of those feelings that cannot be explained in words. The taste of red wine has eliminated several problems and proffer solutions offer many people. No problem can be big enough for you to surmount. Your brain opens up to possibilities after you taste red wine and you begin searching for answers instead of giving up. The feeling of motivation that red wine stirs up is purely magical. Nothing beats that. Sir Robert Scott Caywood once said that “Compromises are for relationships, not wine.”Very true. The taste that comes with good wine cannot be compromised for anything. The most incredible part of all this is that red wineimproves with the years. Other products tend to get rusted over time but not red wine. It gets better with age.For most folks, the day is not complete without the taste of quality red wine. The excellent taste serves as a remedy to all problems that life throws your way.If you are a lover of red wine, then continue that way as it cannot get better than that. The taste cannot be rivaled by any other drink in the world. Raise the glass and sip the wine, let it hit your tongue and feel the magic.
  4. Drinking red wine with pasta: This is a recent trend that will leave you absolutely speechless after the experience. Drinking red wine with pasta is another feeling that offers a whole new positive taste. To get the best feeling from comparing the two, there are some combinations that are great for you.
  • Red wine + tomato based pasta: This is perhaps the best amongst all the pairings. Its taste is immaculate and you will crave for more once you have tasted it.
  • Red wine + cheese pasta: The recipe alone will tell you how yummy this combination is. It gives you the opportunity to try some more texture based pairing and the taste is just magical.
  • Red wine + see food pasta: There can’t be a better combination than this. Red wine has a rich historical connection to Rome and they are the pioneer consumers of sea foods.
  • Red wine + pesto pasta: Red wine is perfect for all class of people. This combination is perfect for vegetarians as it is both nutritious and has medicinal capabilities.
  • Red wine + vegetable pasta: This one just like the one above has similar feel and properties.

Where do I get the best red wine in California?

You have read through this entire write up and at this point you are thinking about where to get quality and premium wine close to you. If you live in California, then you are lucky because you have a wine company that will give you quality wine to satisfy all your needs.

The 1849 wine company California has been serving the people of the city with premium high-quality wine for decades. They do not only offer you premium high-quality wine, they complement it with services that areunrivaled anywhere in the city. They have been one of the pioneers of urban art and wine movement in the city. They have been driven by the belief that California deserves nothing less than the best.

Among their top wine production includes:

  • Iris by 1849 wine co.: From the best vineyards in the country, the iris red wine by 1849 wine co is one that not only speaks of class and elegance, it also taste like it. This is by far one of the best red wine that you could ever taste.
  • Au jus by 1849 wine co.: This red wine is the very definition of perfection. It is used in virtually all occasions in combination with other nutritious foods likeaherbed rib roast. Want to have a good time, then you should definitely consider this. The combination looks salty, herby and overall yummy.
  • Triumph by 1849 wine co.: Another master class. The manufacturing process of this red wine makes it stand on its own. For increased health benefits and other advantages, this red wine is perfect for you. Lay back, take a sip and enjoy.
  • Anonymous by 1849 wine co.: The name might be anonymous but the drink is surely not. The taste and the feeling this drink stirs up will make it unforgettable. You will even crave for it more. Don’t hesitate, let it become a habit, after all, it is a good one.

The 1849 wine co. has been a source of inspiration and motivation to both great men and women over the years. Notable amongst them is the legendary street artist, Saber who relishes nothing more after graffiti than a taste of red wine by this renowned company.

This company has mastered the arts of wine making. It is not just a job for them, it is an art and like all artists, the staff seeks perfection. They do not stop in their quest for more knowledge to improve the quality of your wine. The staff that are fully dedicated to brewing the best possible wine, you are sure of getting only the best in this regards.

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