Seafood Quinoa salad

Seafood Quinoa Salad

Hey guys, it has been a while since I posted and I have really been into the food thing. Lol

Today, I will be dishing out a very good and easy-to-accomplish beautiful dish. Less stress!!

QUINOA is said to be one of the most or the most nutritional grain, according to research. Combined together with other high end ingredients makes this salad a wonder. It is a complete protein and excellent wheat-free alternative ( You will need some tools to achieve the picture on the plate, tools like ring, tong, pastry brush, kitchen spoon, piping bag.

Nutritional value of Quinoa per 50g – Dietary fibre 3.5g, Calcium 23.5g, Magnesium 98.5g, Iron 2.3g, Sodium 2.5g, Zinc 1.55g, Manganese 1g, Phosphorus 228.5g, Energy 184g kcal, Fat 6.1g and some forms of vitamins, it also contains 6.5g of water. Main pro – it is gluten-free.

When boiling the quinoa, salt can be added to the water, but to your own taste.

Tricolor Quinoa
tricolor quinoa grain


• 1 cup Tri-color quinoa
• 2 tbsps Avocado puree
• 3pcs Shrimps
• 3pcs Asian mix
• 6pcs Sakura mix
• 2pcs Pickled onion
• 2pcs Pickled carrot
• 4 pcs Pickled squash
• ½ tsp Tomato peeled, blended
• 2tbsp Mayonnaise
• 2pcs Cherry tomato
• Lemon, halved
• Red colouring
• Salt
• 2pcs Lime leaf
• Carrot, cubed

1. Boil tri-color quinoa until it is slight-tender in a thick bottom sauce pot. Cool down and set aside
2. Combine lemon, carrot, lime leaves and shrimps, cook in salted boiling water for 5 minutes. Cool down and set aside
3. Meanwhile, combine mayonnaise red food colour and tomato paste just to give it that glossy look
4. Apply the mix above on the plate, as the base with the aid of the pastry brush, draw sauce from left to right, as seen in the picture.
5. Place the ring at the middle of the plate. Fill with quinoa, press down with kitchen spoon so it can sit for a long time. Lift off ring
6. Place cooked shrimps on quinoa
7. Fill piping bag with avocado puree, display on plate.
8. Garnish as required

Our salad is ready on the plate

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