neolife grain concentrate

Neolife Grain Concentrates

TRE-EN-EN is a unique and exclusive blend of whole food concentrates extracted from food that make up our dietary staples, it assists  in nudging the gap caused by modern food processing methods, proprietary blend of whole grain concentrates that provide cellular nutrition for energy and vitality.
With Tre-en-en you are as healthy as your cells, it is the food you feed your cells. Tre en-en is a natural food (nutritional) supplement which contains natural Grain concentrates providing the complete lipid profile of Rice bran, wheat and soya bean which is high in fibre, thus feeding the cells and removing wastes from the cells.
The advantage is this both children, lactating mothers, adults and women who just delivered are eligible to take this supplement.

The Importance of TRE-EN-EN Grain Concentrates

1. It builds and repairs the body cells against external (toxic) harmful materials/substances in the environment which goes into the body causing respiratory diseases (asthma, pneumonia) cancer and other forms of diseases at a later stage.
2. It reduces fatigue and tiredness and reduces illness.
3. It renews energy and vitality.
4.It enables cell membranes to function optimally.
5. Calms the nerves.
6. Purifies the blood from toxins which cause pimples/acne, boil, chicken-pus and other forms of diseases of the blood.
7. It boost the immune system against diseases and any form of infection making the body free from sickness.
8. Corrects hormonal imbalance which causes irregular menstruation, menstrual pain and other imbalances in the body.
9. It boosts sexual performance by allowing the body cells active enough for sexual activities thus eliminating any toxin that will want to cause fatigue.
10. It allows nutrients to come into the cell freely and wastes to come out freely thus allowing proper functioning of the organs of the body.

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neolife grain concentrate


Other Benefits of Neolife Grain Concentrates

  • It helps in proper functioning of the heart thus removing Bad Cholesterol and fat from the veins and arteries, preventing heart diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart enlargement and any form of heart diseases.
  • It helps in the removal of un-wanted substances and waste products from the intestine thus controlling constipation.
  • Moderates and normalizes high level sugar in the body by aiding more insulin production.
  • It aids in the removal of toxins in every joint of the body, thus preventing further stages of arthritis.
  • Helps lactating mothers produce more milk for their babies and so also allows the removal of waste from just delivered pregnant woman.
  • It boost mental power by removing bad fats or waste from the vessels of the brain which prevented proper blood, nutrients and oxygen circulation.
  • Helps children feel great all day.
  • It ensures proper digestion.
  • Energizes your entire body by helping your cells function more efficiently.
  • Promotes efficient nutrient utilization needed for cardiovascular growth and development.

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