mocha cream cocktail

Mocha Cream Cocktail

Mocha simply translates to coffee, so in this recipe the major ingredient is coffee blended with ice cream and some other ingredients. If you are a lover of coffee ypu will surely like this, and if you aren’t yet, you will have to try this out. Yes

mocha cream cocktail


2 cups Vanilla icecream
1 cup Powder coffee
2 drops Vanilla essence
Chololate syrup
2 cups Milk, full cream
2 cups Ice cubes
Cream, whipped
Coconut shavings


1. Blend coffee, ice cream, vanilla essence, milk and ice cubes together to a smooth texture
2. Pour into cup lined with chocolate syrup, garnish with whipped cream and coconut shavings

Tip : For a stronger flavour, increase the quantity of coffee

Photo credit : Fruthies_cocktails Recipe by Fruthies Bar


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