How healthy sleep can reduce weight loss

How healthy sleep can reduce weight loss

Recent studies have confirmed that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Those who are at risk of diabetes are those who don’t sleep often. The general belief is that sleeping is meant for the brain to rest, however, it has recently shown that fatty cells in the body also need rest to function effectively.

Lack of sleep not only disturbs the function of the brain but also leads to inadequate response level and diminishing the ability to think. All these problems accumulate and lead to health problems like diabetes.

Research has shown that those who regularly sleep less than five hours per night are unaware of the physical impact this action on their bodies. On average, people who sleep less, weigh more, and probably get obese over time. Middle-aged people sleeping less than 7 hours at night tend to have higher weight to height ratio. They are also more likely to be overweight than those who have enough sleep. This statistic is even more alarming for women with studies showing that the average age this condition begins to affect women is 16 years. They put more weight (about 33 pounds or more) in a short time if they are deprived of more than 7 hours sleeping regularly.



The exact link between sleep and weight is increasingly clear now that more research is done in this area. The exact mechanism of this interaction remains a scientific mystery though. Lack of sleep is attributed to trigger changes in hormones such as ghrelin (hormone that increases appetite) and leptin (tells us when we are full). The result of lack of sleep is that people will feel hungry more often and spend more energy than their colleagues who maintains the habit of regular occasions. When a person is deprived of sleep, the brain desires unhealthier junk food and more often than not, will proceed to eat them.

Voluntary insomnia leads less metabolism by the body and it generally affects insulin production in the body.

Such situations are applicable to even children and teenagers. It has been shown that obesity has been on a rise among children. With obesity in children increasing each year, experts have turn their attention to finding long lasting solutions that will ensure that children sleep better thus reducing the number of obesity cases.

Insomnia with its effect on blood pressure and sugar level, the signs are pretty clear that lack of sleep is largely responsible for obesity.

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