vegetarian dumpling

Home-made Vegetarian Dumpling Recipe

According to wikipedia, Dumplings are either pan fried using a simple recipe including all-purpose flour, water, and salt made into a thick dough before frying on a pan until golden brown, or boiled in a soup. There are famous types of dumplings, and are mostly linked to Asian cuisines. A dumpling can be filled with any sort of vegetable of choice.

vegetarian dumpling

Today, I made a vegetarian dumpling, almost 90% locally sort ingredients, it can be used in your clear soups such as consommes and broths or served solo pan-seared with a dip. It can also be taken as a hot snack (my way tho, you can try it same way as samosas and springroll)

There are essential nutrients in the components of this dumpling which is derived from carrots, mushroom, onion, cabbage, green onion and soya bean curd (called awara, in the northern part of Nigeria).

Dumpling wrapper
600g soya bean curd, chopped
300g spring onion, chopped
300g onion, chopped
400g Chinese cabbage, chopped
350g mushroom, chopped
400g carrot, chopped
Cooking oil
Corn starch

1. Drain excess liquid from soya bean curd on paper towel after chopping
2. Heat oil, add onion, carrot, mushroom and saute
3. Cook for 3 minutes, stirring continuously
4. Add in other vegetables. Season
5. Cook for 3 more minutes. Add cornstarch to bind
6. Correct seasoning
7. Drain excess liquid from vegetables on paper towel. Leave to cool

vegetarian dumpling

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