home-made mayonnaise

Home-made Mayo

Home-made mayo lovely!!
We love mayonnaise, but ever tried doing it yourself (DIY) at home from scratch?
Mayonnaise is an emulsion of egg (yolk) and oil basically. It is a bit tactical but simple.
I can decide to call it an egg and oil sauce, yeah!

So let’s check this recipe out with major seven (7) ingredients, couple of ingredients can be added to derive something else but with a mayo-base. Let’s say tomato-mayonnaise or something, you can try that out. But first, let us go through the recipe for home-made mayonnaise (DIY)

Makes 10 Servings
3 egg yolks
500ml oil
5g salt
1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice
1 tablespoon water
1/2 teaspoon mustard (optional)
Worcestershire sauce (optional)

1. Whisk egg yolk, salt, lemon juice or vinegar until the mixture is foamy
2. Add oil in continuous thin strips while whisking mixture
3. Add in water. Whisk
4. Introduce mustard, Worcestershire sauce if using it

Tip: I would use lemon juice, since I am making a home-made recipe
There are couple of derivatives for this which includes sauce-tartar, remoulade, andalouse, moscovites, chantily and verte. You can try them out and let us know how it turns out

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