Garden salad

Garden Salad

This collection of freshly prepared salad will keep the body system running smooth, with the health benefits of the individual ingredients

Servings : 2


3 Asparagus

1 Cucumber

2 Cherry tomatoes, halves

2 teaspoon Yoghurt, unsweetened

50g Ruccola

Water melon, peeled

2 tablespoon Lemon-olive dressing


  1. blanch the green asparagus and cool down
  2. make length-wise slices of cucumber and 3 medium size cubes
  3. make small triangles or desired shapes of watermelon
  4. place all ingredients and sprinkle lemon-olive dressing


2 tablespoon lemon juice

4 tablespoon olive oil

sugar and pepper to taste


  1. add all ingredients into a bowl and whisk until ingredients are combined

Recipe submitted by : Dayo


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