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saffron cream

Saffron Cream

This rich and creamy sauce is derived from the mother sauce bechamel, it is suitable for fish Makes 6 – 8 servings INGREDIENTS 50g Butter 50g Flour 1 clove studded Onion 500ml Warm milk Salt Saffron, dissolved in water DIRECTION 1. Heat butter on thick bottom saucepan on low heat 2. Add flour and mix …

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home-made mayonnaise

Home-made Mayo

Home-made mayo lovely!! We love mayonnaise, but ever tried doing it yourself (DIY) at home from scratch? Mayonnaise is an emulsion of egg (yolk) and oil basically. It is a bit tactical but simple. I can decide to call it an egg and oil sauce, yeah! So let’s check this recipe out with major seven …

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