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seafood mixed salad

Seafood Mixed Salad

Shrimps and seafood in totality contains some useful amount of protein which helps the body. 100 grams of cooked shrimps contains 0.1g of saturated fat, 111 mg of sodium, 256 mg of potassium, 24 g of protein. They are also rich in iron, calcium, magnesium and also has a total carbohydrate value of 0.2g. Shrimps …

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Cucumber Salad

This breath taking fresh cucumber salad is worth trying both for dinner, lunch and breakfast Makes 8 Servings INGREDIENTS: • Cucumbers, thinly sliced • 1 small white onion, thinly sliced • 1 cup white vinegar • 1/2 cup water • 3/4 cup white sugar • 1 tablespoon dried dill, or to taste DIRECTIONS: 1. Combine …

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Garden salad

Garden Salad

This collection of freshly prepared salad will keep the body system running smooth, with the health benefits of the individual ingredients Servings : 2 INGREDIENTS 3 Asparagus 1 Cucumber 2 Cherry tomatoes, halves 2 teaspoon Yoghurt, unsweetened 50g Ruccola Water melon, peeled 2 tablespoon Lemon-olive dressing PREPARATION blanch the green asparagus and cool down make …

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