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Breakfast is the first meal of the day, typically eaten in the morning. The word derives from the
idea of breaking the involuntary fast due to sleep. Is considered by many food
experts to be a most important meal of the day. I actually skip that at times. Lol

Traditionally, breakfast is a large cooked meal eaten before work and designed to carry
people through a large part of the day. The erosion of the cooked breakfast has been an
ongoing trend in the Western world, since at least the early 20th century, coinciding with late
waking times than when most Westerners had agricultural occupations, starting early in the

In this part of the world where I come from, most times some people do not regard breakfast as the essential meal of the day, but I bet you, this is most important. So to you out there that tries to avoid breakfast because you are late for work or anything, you just have to make an adjustment. Right now I know I just spoke to someone.


There are so many types of breakfast, but the most common are these listed below
1. Continental Breakfast
2. American Breakfast
3. English Breakfast
4. Indian Breakfast



A typical Continental breakfast consists of juice, bread and beverage. It may also include sliced cold meats, such as salami or ham, and yogurt or cereal.

The current trend in the continental breakfast menu includes a wide variety of choice of food
items such as juice, cereals, yoghurts, fish, eggs, meats, potatoes and vegetables, pancakes
and wafers, cold buffet, preserves, beverages, etc. The traditional English breakfast
comprises of ten courses: juice, stewed fruits, cereals, fish, eggs, meats, rolls and pastries,
butter and preserves, fruits and beverages.

If tea is served as a beverage with the above breakfast then it is called ‘The Complet’. If coffee is served with the above breakfast then is it is known as ‘Café Complet’.
On the other hand, if the guest exclusively takes coffee alone (with nothing to eat), then it is
known as ‘Café Simple’. If the guest takes tea alone then it is known as ‘The Simplé’.


The American breakfast comprises of courses such as juice, cereals, eggs, breads and

Traditional breakfasts in the United States and Canada is derived from the full English breakfast
and features sweet or mild-flavoured foods, mostly hot. Restaurants that serve
breakfast typically base their menus around meats such as sausage and bacon and egg dishes. Pancakes and waffles are also popular. It usually consists of fewer courses than English.


“The only way to eat well in England is to have breakfast three
times a day”. An English breakfast is an elaborate breakfast quite substantial in size and
variety. The traditional English breakfast comprises of ten courses.
This traditional cooked breakfast has largely been replaced by simple, light foods and much
varied choices have been added to suit today’s customers. The course also varies from two to
ten depending on the establishment and the customer.

English is more heavier than Continental, it is also known as full breakfast. Which clearly means that it contains everything in Continental breakfast and more. I like this type.


An Indian breakfast varies from region to region and it is mostly vegetarian. In South India, the most popular one
is an assortment with several possible main dishes, such as chapatis, dosas, idlis and vadas
served with hot sambal and chutney. The usual North Indian breakfast consists of stuffed
paratha or unstuffed parathas with fresh butter, cooked spicy vegetables. In urban areas, simple butter sandwiches and omelettes are becoming a popular breakfast food. Other popular Indian urban breakfast include juice, fruit salad, sweet dishes, eggs, breads, beverages, etc. In East India, the most popular breakfast is idly, bara and upma.

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