Basic Doughnut Recipe

A doughnut is a type of dessert or confectionery which is fried. I will just list the nutritional value. I am a full blown lover of doughnuts, just like croissant

Nutritional Value/Daily Value % per doughnut

Total Carbohydrate 22g – 7%
Cholesterol 8mg – 2%
Sodium 140mg – 5%
Potassium 86mg – 2%
Total Fat 11g – 16%
Vitamin C – 1%
Calcium – 1%
Iron – 9%
Magnesium – 3%


[recipe title=”Basic Doughnut Recipe” yield=”1400″ image=””]

1200g all purpose flour
200g sugar
60g yeast
100g butter
4 pcs eggs
9 egg yolk
300ml milk
200 water
35g Salt
Vanilla essence
1. Mix all dry ingredients together
2. Add in milk, vanilla essence, egg yolk and whole eggs. Mix further
3. Add water and mix to a medium-hard texture
4. Cut dough to desired size, and allow to proof
5. Fry
Tip : you can eat your favourite pastry with melted dark, white chocolate or icing.

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