All you need to know about Nootropics

All you need to know about Nootropics

For some people that are hearing about nootropics for the first time will have no idea what they do and how to effectively use them. In order to get the best out of products and services that we use every day, we need to know everything about them. We are going to look at everything there is to know about nootropics.

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What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are pharmaceutical supplements that used in enhancing the brain cognitive function. They were first discovered in the 1960’s. Since then, several research has been conducted to ascertain the chemistry behind nootropics enhancement of our cognitive learning. Most nootropics are known to have only a few side effects and are mainly designed to improve cerebral development. The supplements are mostly derived from the parent compounds that have been recognized to further improve some physical processes in the body. Most people are skeptical about this supplement and they are right to be. Not everyone understands the chemistry behind the reaction of this supplements.

How does it function?

The mind has several billion neurotransmitters and also billions of synapses that are all connected to the neurons. The neurons control the mind and other mental activities such as retention, mood, mental quickness, and ability to focus. By increasing the activity levels or lessening some chemicals in the brain can help quicken the circulation of information as well as the make-up of these neurotransmitters. This will result in an improved intellectual performance in areas such as awareness, recollection, behavior, and mental alertness.

When nootropics are ingested, it raises the flow of blood to the brain. The blood for majorly transporting oxygen as oxyhemoglobin through the body system and the brain. When the quantity of blood delivered to the brain is improved, then the primary functions of the brain like recall and focus are accelerated. Nootropics when ingested even if it is a few, has the ability to increase the creation of neurotransmitters which ultimately helps the body from aging quickly. As we grow older, the brain functions begin to slow down and some die off. However, taking nootropics will slow down that process.

Top nootropics in the market

There are some of these supplements that are better than others. They are;

  • Aniracetam– this is one of the best nootropics supplements that begins to take effect 20 minutes after ingestion.
  • L-Theanine–This supplement is gotten from green tea, it has the ability to reduce anxiety and aids in learning.
  • Piracetam–In terms of research, no nootropics has undergone an extensive research like this one and has been verified to enhance cognitive learning.
  • Pramiracetam–It is a better and more potent version of Piracetam and has been verified to enhance memory and increase learning capacity.

Advantages of taking nootropics.

For a supplement that is said to enhance cognitive abilities, it is sure to have several benefits. Let us see what they are.

  • Better memory: The supplement has the ability to increase memory retention. It is perfect for those that are aging and are having aproblem retaining certain memory.
  • Increase learning capacity: The primary function of nootropics is that they enhance cognitive ability and increase the learning capacity of the user.
  • Reduces anxiety: With increased in cognitive capacities, the supplement also reduces anxiety and brings about composure.
  • Increase blood flow to the brain: This is an advantage that ultimately improves the general functions of the brain.
  • Calm behavior: It reduces temperament and improves behavior.

Side effects

There is no supplement that has no side effects. For all its benefits, nootropics also have side effects that you have to wary of before you start taking one.

  • Taking the supplement in excess can result in stomach upset.
  • They can cause headaches.
  • There is a risk of combining stacks like piracetam and choline as it causesa severe headache.
  • Piracetam has the ability to speed up the process of becoming drunk.


From this review, it can be concluded that the benefits of nootropics have far outweighed the side effects. The side effects are caused by either overdose or combining the wrong stack. If taken properly though, these supplements have tremendous benefits to the user. They are useful to several class of people with those with Alzheimer’s disease probably the ones that benefit most from it. It is therefore recommended that you should do an extensive research on the different nootropics and find the one that suits you before you start taking one.

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