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All you need to know about HCG Diet

All you need to know about HCG Diet

One of the biggest health problem facing humanity now is the issue of obesity. The rate at which people are getting obese is very alarming. Statistics also revealed that almost 30% of children today are obese. This has led to the emergence of several techniques and supplements that are all aimed at weight loss for those type of people. It is worthy to note that obese people are more susceptible to a wide range of diseases due to the fact that their immune system is weaker. It is therefore of great importance that obese people try and lose weight so that their body can return to its normal functions. It’s because of this that the HCG diet came out? What is the HCG diet? What do they do and what are the advantages and disadvantages of applying the method? We are going to look at that in-depth on this article.

hcg diet

What is HCG diet?

The acronym stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a hormone that is found in a very high level in the early stages of pregnancy. The hormone is used by medical experts as a marker in home pregnancy tests.  HCG has also over the years been used as a treatment for fertility issues in both men and women.

HCG was first proposed as a weight loss tool in 1954 by a doctor named Albert Simeons. He suggested two main components for this diet.

  • An ultra-low-calorie diet of around 500 calories per day.
  • The HCG hormone administered via injections.

It was however realized that an elevated blood levels of HCG may be a symptom of several types of cancer such as placental cancer, ovarian and testicular cancer. The HCG products are sold in the market in a variety of forms such as oral drops, pellets and sprays. They are also sold in numerous websites and retail stores across the country.

The diet has been very popular for the last couple of years. It is a diet that is very extreme and it is claimed to yield fast result as you can lose up to 2 pounds per day. The best thing about all of it is that you wouldn’t feel hungry while you are on the diet. Thus, take note that HCG is a hormone that produced in the early stages of pregnancy. The diet process uses a combination of HCG and the starvation-level calorie ingestion to achieve a very rapid weight loss.

Who’s a HCG Diet for?

The HCG diet is specifically designed for adults. This is because a person that is on HCG diet will have to follow a very strict calorie intake. You cannot take above 500 calories per day. When Doctor Albert first proposed it, that was the condition and it hasn’t changed since then. It is therefore paramount that only people who can be able to control their eating habits be allowed to take the hormone. Children cannot adhere to that strict diet plan and therefore other dieting options should be used for them instead.

The HCG diet is also not meant for people who are already thin. The plan is to lose weight rapidly and if you are already thin, there is no need to take this hormone. It might have a negative impact on you if you do. To take this diet, you must also be very healthy. You cannot use this diet plan if you are sick. This will have untold hardships to you and might even aggravate whatever ailment it is that you currently have. So it is therefore very important that you are healthy before embarking on this diet plan.

You must not use any other diet supplements alongside the HCG. Stick to one. If you are going to use the HCG diet method, then you should stay off all others and follow the protocols laid down by Doctor Albert when he initiated it.

Once you have met all this criteria, then you are okay to start implementing the HCG diet. The results you will get in a few days will amaze you if you truly stick to it.

When to do HCG Diet?

The HCG diet shouldn’t be done at any time. You have to meet specific targets before you embark on the dieting exercise. If this conditions are not met, then the whole exercise will be futile. First off, you have to pick a day to start the HCG diet. But first, you have to consider something’s before you do that.

  • It is advisable to women to choose a date that is right after their menstrual cycle. The protocol for HCG specifies that the hormone injection should be stopped immediately you begin menstruation. So the best time is to start right after menstruation so that you wouldn’t have much intervention. For men, you can start at any time since you have no biological activities that will interfere with the hormone.
  • Make sure that you will be in town for the duration of the dieting. It is very hard to keep the 500 calories rule if you are on a vacation or you are constantly on the road. So best settle down in one place before you commence.
  • Don’t rush into it. After you have make your decision to embark on the HCG diet plan, give yourself at least a month before you begin to start the dieting process. This will make you mentally and physically ready for the challenges that the process might cause.

If you have met all these criteria, then you are ready to start the HCG diet. However, if there is anything that will stand in the way or interfere with the procedure, it is better that you take care of that before you begin the process. This will bring much success than when it is interrupted.

How to follow HCG Diet

There are some prescribed steps that you have to follow in order to make the exercise a success. The HCG diet is a very low-fat, very low-calorie diet. It is divided into three phases which are;

  1. The loading phase: This phase is the first of the three. In this stage, you are advised to take HCG and follow it up with high fat and high calorie foods for a period of 2 days. This is to get you prepared for what is to come.
  2. Weight loss phase: This is the stage where the real work is. You will continue to take the HCG, however, you will reduce your calorie intake to only 500 calories per day for a period of 3 to 6 weeks. If you can effectively do this, then you will shed a lot of weight in a minimal amount of time.
  3. Weight maintenance stage: In this last stage, you will stop taking HCG. You will then slowly increase your calorie intake so that you can regain your energy level. However, you should keep away from foods that have sugar or starch so that you don’t have a relapse.


For people that have who have less weight to shed, 3 weeks is the advised period for the weight loss stage. Those that have a lot of weight to lose, the 6 weeks period is recommended and it can be even advised that they repeat the cycle several times so that they can effectively attain the weight that they desire.

Note that while in the weight loss stage, you are only permitted to have two meals per day, mostly dinner and lunch and each should be designed to have just around 200 calorie per meal. You should also include protein, vegetable, bread and fruit so that you will have a balanced diet.

There might be some suggestion as to the approved list of foods you should take at each stage of the dieting exercise and the specific amount to ingest.

Note that oily foods and carbohydrates foods should be avoided. Drink lots of water while mineral water, coffee and tea are allowed as well.

When should I avoid HCG Diet?

For ladies, it is advised that you should stay away from HCG diet during menstruation. This is due to the fact that the HCG will be ineffective during this period of time. Quietly wait out the menstrual cycle to elapse before you start using the dieting program. It is also advisable to avoid HCG diet if you are on the road continuously. This is the reason why it is not recommended to athletes or celebrities that are on tour. The stress of the road will take its toll and render the whole exercise ineffective. Totally avoid the diet if you are travelling or constantly on the road.

During sickness or any infection, you should avoid the HCG diet. Due to the low calorie intake recommended during the HCG diet exercise, those that are sick should totally avoid the program till they are better. Dieting in a sick situation will result to very bad situations. You should also seek for the advice of your Doctors on when best to start the dieting exercise. Keep in mind that their advice will help a lot.

How long should I follow the HCG Diet?

The length of time for the HCG diet depends on the weight that you need to loose. There are three categories of people when it comes to determining just how long you should follow the HCG diet plan. Take a look at them and decide which class you fall into.

  1. Less weight to lose: There are some folks that are averagely obese. The people in this category do not have a lot of weight to lose. It is therefore recommended that they should embark on the HCG diet plan for a period of just 3 weeks. The period is enough for them to shed the necessary weight and get back to weight. Extending the time will not increase the efficiency of the whole process or even make it better. So stick to this plan if you have just a few pounds to lose.
  2. Averagely obese: The folks in this class have more pounds to lose than the first class discussed above. The recommended period for this class of people is usually 6 weeks. This period will ensure that you lose the week effectively and get to attain your desired body shape. The people in this category usually have around 30-40 pounds of weight to lose. Stick to the complete 6 weeks program to effectively make this diet plan work. Stopping at the midpoint will not yield the required result.
  3. So much weight to lose: For these category, you must have at least a 100 or more pounds to lose. The recommended period for this set of people is repeating the cycle several times till the desired results is achieved. The 3-6 weeks cycle can be done for a couple of times before the desired result is attained. Stopping at the first cycle will not produce the result you want. This is the hardest amongst them all, however, if you persevere through it all, then you will come out triumphant after a couple of months. You will need to be disciplined and stay true to your goal to attain this.

These are the three known lengths that a person should follow in order to make the HCG diet a success. You have to analyze which group you fall into and begin the process as explained above.

HCG Diet Food List

Here is list of HCG recommended food list that will help you through the dieting process.

Fish (3.5 oz):

  • Lobster – 98 calories
  • Cod – 83 calories
  • Shrimp – 110 calories
  • Tilapia – 94 calories
  • Flounder – 90 calories
  • Halibut – 110 calories
  • Crab Meat – 100 calories
  • Red Snapper – 110 calories
  • Haddock – 88 calories

Meat (3.5 oz):

  • Veal
  • Sirloin – 110 calories
  • Loin Chop – 117 calories


  • 93/7 Lean Ground Beef – 150 calories
  • Cube Steak – 160 calories
  • Sirloin Tip Side Steaks – 130 calories
  • Top Round Steak – 166 calories
  • Tri-Tip Steak – 154 calories
  • Chicken Breast – 216 calories

Vegetables (3.5 oz):

  • Asparagus – 20 calories
  • Broccoli – 34 calories
  • Celery – 15 calorie
  • Cabbage – 24 calorie
  • Cauliflower – 22 calories
  • Cucumber – 12 calories
  • Lettuce – 20 calories
  • Radishes – 12 calories
  • Spinach – 20 calories
  • Tomato – 20 calories


  • Apple (small) – 55 calories
  • Orange (California) – 59 calories
  • Apple (medium) – 72 calories
  • Orange (navel) – 69 calories
  • Orange (Florida) – 65 calories
  • Strawberries (12 large) – 72 calories
  • Apple (large) – 110 calories
  • Pink Grapefruit (California) – 92 calories
  • Pink Grapefruit (Florida) – 74 calories


  • Grissini Breadstick (3 gram) – 12 calories
  • Melba Toast (3 gram) – 12 calories

These are the list of recommended foods to eat while you are on HCG diet.


HCG diet has proven to be very efficient for so many people over the years. Since its inception decades ago, this method of weight loss has been very efficient. There are few who have criticized the whole procedure but overall, it has produced so much success to so many people.

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