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A Trip to Harambee 254


Hello, it has been a wonderful time out in Harambee 254, by the way 254 is like the code name for Kenya according to my lovely friends. It is such an amazing place 👏 Had a couple of experiences like visiting the archives, Nairobi national park, but today I will be talking about the foods, its staple food and what you can easily find around, on the street restaurants the likes of ugali, kachumbari, chapati, mahindi choma, mutura, mukimo, matoke and others. Alcohol is also a staple 😅

Firstly I visited Macharia Tea Farm in Nyachi village, Murang’a county which is over two (2) hours drive from Nairobi county. Tea is a staple in this part of Kenya, the land is so blessed with fertile ground, everything planted there grows well from tea to potatoes, cabbage, yam, passion fruit, banana, sweet potatoes, avocado and other cash crops. It is so amazing!

african tea
this is called the African tea bag, finest Kenyan tea bag.

I will talk a little about the “welcome drink” ♥ in this part of Kenya called Murang’a, almost in every house you go you will be given a cup of tea ☕(chai), like I said because they are famous for tea growing, and also they are rich in cattle rearing, so you are promised to have fresh milk in your cup of tea. I had the opportunity to feed the big 🐄 cows in the cattle stead, it was an amazing experience. In the tea farm, a tool is used to pick up the tea leaves called “kyondo” it is a woven basket made of bamboo.

(picture below shows a ‘kyondo’ being used in a tea farm)
tea farm

(Picture below shows me throwing the tea leaves into the kyondo)

There were couple of farms in the County which I actually expected because it is so fertile, I expected some street food but could not find a lot, like food being sold on the street but I only found in Makadara area of Nairobi fresh maize being roasted. But it is said that you can find nyama choma on the road-side, it is the name for roasted meat and it goes perfectly well with kachumbari (onion, tomato and chili salad) trust me kachumbari is so tasty,  we had it twice with Ugali wow amazing!!! 

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We had Sukuma which is made with collard greens, with beef and potatoes. Another food mostly eaten in that part of Kenya is stir-fried cabbage, which can be eaten with white rice or stand-alone. Everything is just so fresh

potatoes(picture above : Sukuma with potatoes and beef)

Chapati is like the major staple in Kenya as a whole and East Africa(made from wheat flour, water, salt and edible oil) though it is known in one part of the world as paratha, we are talking Kenya today so I will stick to chapatti, it is one of the food you will receive when you visit a typical Kenyan home and I had a couple of them and got used to eating it, it goes well with tea (smile)

chapati(picture above : my plate of chapati)

Mutura is also a popular delicacy in Kenya, it is a sausage made with fresh blood, blended garlic, ginger, cilantro/coriander and chillis stuffed in goat intestine mixed with goat meat, I had them our first night in Murang’a county but could not take pictures. I also had Matoke which is a banana/plantain stew.

Nyama Choma is called Kenyan Pride, I am not surprised because everywhere you go you see meat on your plate

I will just enlist some other popular foods which you have to try when you go to Kenya, I will start with Porridge because I was told to have it that it does a lot for health, literally I was malaria-stuck 😅 I had the one made from millet, there are other varieties made from wheat flour, flour. Fermented Milk, this can be taken when on lunch or dinner or perhaps breakfast. Egg which is called mayai, which is mostly eaten fried and can be taken with chai (Kenyan-style tea).

passion fruit(picture above : fresh passion fruit)

Kenyan samosas are amazing whether with vegetables or beef, they taste so great. Githeri is a mixture of beans and corn, the last time I tasted in Dubai it was yummy ♥ Mahinidi choma which is translated roasted corn, which I also had in Nairobi town. Not forgetting Pilau which is Kenyan spiced rice.

Fruits grow perfectly in Murang’a that I visited, like passion fruit, avocado🥑 , tree tomatoes, grapes 🍇 and a couple of other great fruits.

(picture above : tree tomato fruit)


(above : kyondo – traditional basket)

tea farm

(above : Mr Macharia Tea farm, Murang’a; below : mahindi choma – roasted corn)

mahindi choma

(above : in the tea farm; below : opening the tree tomato fruit)

(picture below : going to feed the cattle)

cattle feeding

Below is the list of some words which you will hear on the streets, so am giving you the little tip I got lol

Pishori - Rice
Nyama - Meat
Choma - Roasted/Roast
Chai - Kenyan style tea
Githeri - Beans and corn
Mayai - Egg
Chapo - chapati

Thank you so much for reading this amazing post. Please drop a comment and do not forget to share. I had too much fresh milk and a doctor advised that a stay off milk for a while 🤣 Sharing is caring

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  1. Wao i can seeu already know swahili now baibe no more class u have 🎓 💃….. Anyway am happy 😊 you enjoyed and you collected too much history like u always do and u will enjoy even more every single vacation ❤️

  2. Afuekame Blessing

    Type here.. Nice one dear, I love the pictures, and u never fail when it comes to writing. kudos nwenem😉😁 wanted seeing more pictures tho…

  3. Type here..Nice one..I love the pictures, and u never fail when it comes to writing. kudos to u nwenem😉😀 wanted seeing more pictures tho..

    1. Hahaha kind of complicated words truly. Yes I did enjoy my stay, it is a beautiful place. Asanti sana meaning “thank you so much” in Swahili 🤓

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