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Plusgarcina Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a drug that is currently hot in the market. Millions of Americans are searching for reviews about the level of efficiency of this tablet. They are also interested in what type of side effects pure garcinia Cambogia where it can be purchased. Pure Garcinia Cambogia accelerates the weight loss of the body.

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How healthy sleep can reduce weight loss

How healthy sleep can reduce weight loss Recent studies have confirmed that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Those who are at risk of diabetes are those who don’t sleep often. The general belief is that sleeping is meant for the brain to rest, however, it has recently shown that fatty cells in

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nutro dog food

5 best nutro dog food: A review

5 best nutro dog food: A review As dog owners, one of the things that we are constantly concerned about is finding the right food for our dog. There are several dog foods out there that are toxic. How then do we know what is best for our dog and how do we differentiate the

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Principles Regarding Diet & Daily Routine

Today, I will be talking about the principles regarding diet and daily routine. I will list out some basic guidelines/principles, there are so many basic and general rules to diet and eating right, but I have narrowed them to the listed numbers below which are fourteen (14). General Principles of Diet 1. Eat at a

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Basic Doughnut Recipe

A doughnut is a type of dessert or confectionery which is fried. I will just list the nutritional value. I am a full blown lover of doughnuts, just like croissant Nutritional Value/Daily Value % per doughnut Total Carbohydrate 22g – 7% Cholesterol 8mg – 2% Sodium 140mg – 5% Potassium 86mg – 2% Total Fat

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stewed cabbage

Nigerian-style Stewed Cabbage

Cabbage is said to contain some amount of liquid, well, just like every other vegetable in its category. The health benefits includes frequent use in the treatment of eczema, arthritis, eye disorders amongst others. This dish is rich in minerals from fresh vegetables which are featured, which includes tomatoes, fresh peppers and the major ingredient.

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Vegetables Classification and Preservation

Dictionary definition of vegetable : A plant raised for some edible part of it, such as the leaves, roots, fruits or flowers, but excluding any plant considered to be a fruit , grain or spice in the culinary sense. Vegetables are essential commodities Culinary definition : Vegetable refers to any herbaceous plant that can be

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fresh okra leaves

Fresh Okra Leaves Soup (Gbandar Soup)

Fresh Okra Leaves Soup Today am going North, I mean North Central Nigeria. Yes! This soup is made from fresh okra leaves, it is native to the indigenous people of Mada, in Nasarawa State, Nigeria. It is cooked without any form of oil whether palm, vegetable or coconut oil. I actually have a friend from

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Pear, grape salad

Pear, Grape and Cashewnut Curry Salad with Mustard Dressing

Pear, Grape and Cashew nut salad is just gorgeous in taste, for bacon lovers, it can be added to the main salad after adding the cashew nut to the melted butter. Adding extra flavours If you want extra flavour to this dish, the bacon should be pan fried and then diced in small bits and

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blush n bloom cocktail

Blush n Bloom Cocktail

Cocktail is a great option for cooling off after the days hassle and even in between. It’s pink, but does not really mean it is meant for the ladies only. Cocktails can come in different forms, with fruit bases, addition of alcohol. It’s blush and bloom READ ALSO : FROZEN PINA COLADA COCKTAIL Ingredients 2

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