Mocha Cream Cocktail

Mocha simply translates to coffee, so in this recipe the major ingredient is coffee blended with ice cream and some other ingredients. If you are a lover of coffee ypu will surely like this, and if you aren’t yet, you will have to try this out. Yes

mocha cream cocktail


2 cups Vanilla icecream
1 cup Powder coffee
2 drops Vanilla essence
Chololate syrup
2 cups Milk, full cream
2 cups Ice cubes
Cream, whipped
Coconut shavings


1. Blend coffee, ice cream, vanilla essence, milk and ice cubes together to a smooth texture
2. Pour into cup lined with chocolate syrup, garnish with whipped cream and coconut shavings

Tip : For a stronger flavour, increase the quantity of coffee

Photo credit : Fruthies_cocktails Recipe by Fruthies Bar


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