The Hospitality Brigade

The Hospitality Brigade

This is a management guide to creating an effective hotel departmental structure (brigade). These departments includes the under-listed (but are not limited to):
General/ Operations Management
Reservations (Front Desk)
Guest Relations/ Concierge
Food and Beverage (Front of House)
Kitchen (Back of House)
Human Resources/Training and Development
Marketing and Sales/Event coordination
Information Technology (IT)

The General Manager will oversee the entire running of the establishment and all departments. He/she will ensure that each department operates successfully and abides by the standards and principles of the establishment.
The Deputy/Assistant General Manager, who is second in charge to the General Manager, will perform a similar role to the GM and take leadership when the GM is not available.
Third in line in the management department, is the Operational Manager. He/she will oversee the running of operations within the establishment. He/she will work more closely with each department and will be more involved with day-to-day operations.

This is most likely one of the most important departments as it is the first impression a guest will have of the establishment. This is where the guest will contact to make a reservation as well as check-in when the guest arrives. They will also prepare bills, take payments and deal with any special requests that guests have.

Guest Relations/Concierge will deal with all requests from guests such as things to do in and around the establishment. They will be able to assist with booking of activities, events, concerts, transport or travel. In some establishments, these departments may be separate. A concierge will assist the guest with their luggage, any transportation requests and/or valet parking.


Housekeeping deals directly with the turn-over of rooms, suites and general cleaning of the establishment. They will ensure that the laundry, linen, employee uniforms or any guest clothing is cleaned and pressed and that each room is correctly prepared and presented before the guest arrives or departs.

Food and Beverage is one of the most important departments as it usually brings in the largest revenue. It ensures the smooth running of the restaurant, bar and possibly pool area. It directly oversees the production of all beverages produced or sold in the restaurant or bar as well as work side-by-side with the kitchen to ensure that all food is correctly prepared and served to the guest successfully and efficiently.
Food and Beverage will also manage all waiting staff and barmen and will oversee all functions or events that happen within the establishment.
They also manage the running of each service in the restaurant or bar from breakfast to dinner as well as room service.

The kitchen will deal with all production of food, whether it is for the restaurant, bar, pool, functions or room service. This is also one of the most important departments as it provides an image of the establishment to guests.
The departments within a kitchen may include: Hot kitchen, Cold kitchen, Pastry, Ala carte, Room service, Banqueting and not limiting to these


This department deals with all finances regarding the establishment. From food and beverage deliveries, to overheads involved in running of the establishment.

Human Resources deals with all enquiries and issues related to employees. They also assist in the recruiting of new staff as well the exiting of staff. They will deal with all salary enquiries, procedural enquires, disciplinary hearings alongside head of departments and anything else related to management of employees.

Large establishments will often offer additional training within the relevant department you are working in. This allows for the employee to have the possibility of growth within the establishment as well as to motivate the employee to want to perform better within their role.

This department will deal with the advertisement, marketing and sales of the products and services offered within the establishment. This is crucial to the success of the establishment. Specials may be offered by the establishment to attract business and ultimately repeat business, which aids in the longevity of the establishment.

Maintenance maintains the grounds of the establishment as well as appliances, electrical, painting, flooring, roofing, decorating and all other physical components of the establishment. They ensure that everything is presentable and works correctly and efficiently. They may also assist in the general set-up of functions, etc.

Security is vital to any establishment as it protects the establishments’ assets, employees and customers from any harm. Security is usually present twenty-four seven or when the establishment is open and will assist in any threats that may occur.

The IT department will manage all IT within the establishment from computers, projectors, telephones and possibly POS systems. They will ensure the successful running of all hardware and software and assist any problems that may arise.

Some larger establishments will have a separate procurement department. The procurement department will acquire all goods or services from an external source. Goods may include food items, beverage items, maintenance items, etc. Services may include servicing of equipment, outsourced maintenance, garden services, etc.

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