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Green Cars and Energy Efficiency

Green Cars and Energy Efficiency

Whether you believe in climate change or not, buying an energy efficient and environmentally friendly car is going to save you money in the long run. It is also undeniable that cars cause air pollution, as evidenced by the clouds of smog that hang over our cities like rain clouds. That is cause for a good quality car cover in any circumstance. With fuel prices roller-coasting and usually in the direction that hurts our wallets, owning an energy efficient car can make your tank last longer and make life a whole lot easier. Go green conscious with an electric car or plug-in hybrid and you won’t have need to line up at the gas station any longer. Perhaps one day we will see hemp car covers on the market.

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While a green car is the best option for your pockets and your environment, you can still reduce fuel use and emissions by driving efficiently. Driving efficiently is a concept that involves spending the least amount of time idling as possible including not sitting in the driveway to warm up in a modern car and turning off a vehicle in traffic to save fuel. Warming the car up isn’t necessary when you have good quality car covers. A smooth drive and lack of jerky speed changes and staying within speed limits will burn less fuel and take you further. Keeping the car clean and protecting it with car covers saves money, time, and your paint finish.

Anticipating traffic further ahead than the car in front of you allows you to release the accelerator pedal and spend less time breaking, in turn giving you energy efficiency. In cars with automatic transmission, you should let your speed drop when driving up hills and release the accelerator slightly when you hear your revs getting too high and you are having trouble gaining speed. Not leaving extra objects in your car will keep the weight down and let your car work less hard to get you to your destination but be sure to keep room for car covers. Jeeps are particularly good for this purpose as they can be stripped of roof and doors and yet they still have a range of car covers made for them!

Using the recommended fuel for your vehicle and not over-filling makes your car more fuel-efficient and if that information is not found in the car manual nearby your car cover, ask a mechanic. Stick to using the air-conditioner at high speeds to take advantage of aerodynamics and be as efficient as possible. Plan to take the shortest route and do lots of small tasks at once rather than lots of small trips. If you choose the right car cover you will only need to do that task once too.

You do not even use roughly 70-85% of the fuel you put in your tank for purposes like driving and powering useful accessories like the heater. More than 50% of fuel is burnt off in the internal combustion engine of gasoline-powered vehicles. You need a car cover to help you save energy straight away with figures like that! In comparison, hybrid vehicles only miss out on use of 60-75% of fuel and electric cars actually use 74-94% of their energy to drive and power accessories! Electric cars can be power by solar electricity or other low-carbon options such as hydro or wind power. Hybrid cars can still win out over electric cars if the electric car is being charged at a power station that uses coal or carbon fossil fuels or if people start driving with their car covers on, that’ll really mess up the aerodynamics.

We gain more knowledge on running our vehicles more efficiently and lowering our environmental impact every year. Researchers at MIT in collaboration with European colleagues have discovered the European Union only need to extend their existing emissions trading system to cover transportation rather than adopt an American standard for fuel economy ratings, CAFE (corporate average fuel economy). Europe is estimated to save up to €63 billion as it is believed that the general standard of European fleets of passenger cars, already fuel efficient enough for strict fuel efficiency standards to be ineffective. The decision comes after the climate-change commitments made to reduce emissions as part of the Paris Agreement. Car covers are available for energy efficient cars and with a small amount of searching through car covers you can fight one that is the perfect fit for your green car.

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