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The Ultimate Rice Guide 1

Rice is a common name for about nineteen (19) species of annual herbs, of the grass family. Common rice is the only species of importance to humans. It is native to South East Asia and has been cultivated for more than 7000 years; evidence of cultivation has been found in eastern China dating from before

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environmental awareness

Environmental Awareness

INTRODUCTION Environmental awareness and sustainability has become a controversial issue in the last few years. This is mainly due to the direct effect human use of chemicals, overfishing, farming, deforestation, exploiting animal populations and pollution has had on our environment. A broad definition of environmental sustainability is a state in which demands placed upon the

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Introduction to Food Costing

Food cost is the process by which the material or physical assets owned by an establishment are safe guarded, as the property needs these assets in order to make a profit. Food cost is simply the total cost of your food net of existing inventory. Usually beverage costs are counted separately but occasionally these are

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revenue forecast

Restaurant Revenue Forecast and Cost Control

It is very similar of the restaurant and room service forecasting process is to the rooms forecasting process. The forecasting process includes forecasting customers and average checks to calculate restaurant and room service revenues. The weekly forecast will be prepared day by day and added up for the total weekly customers, average check, and revenues.

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