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Hi and welcome to my blog.

I am Caleb a culinary blogger residing in Abuja, Nigeria. I graduated from the prestigious South African HTA School of Culinary Arts, with practical classes from well trained chefs and mentors in Hilton. Bagged couple of medals and merit. Same graduation year I also won an award with International Youth Foundation (By Hilton) for the Most Creative Person.

Chulicious blogĀ which was born out of mixed knowledge from cooking and computing is intended to meet the needs and cravings of those interested in starting up a kitchen, being fully updated with hygiene and health practices in the kitchen and trying out recipes, keeping fit and having
knowledge of kitchen practices as a whole. Putting up this medium was not an easy one, one day a senior colleague asked “so you want to cook with computer?”


Chulicious blog was created out of my passion to share my ideas and knowledge gained from working with top notches in the culinary industry and a reputable institute and also ideas learnt from others.

Ranging from blog articles to kitchen management tips, cookery, kitchen safety, lifestyle, fitness.


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