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blush n bloom cocktail

Blush n Bloom Cocktail

Cocktail is a great option for cooling off after the days hassle and even in between. It’s pink, but does not really mean it is meant for the ladies only. Cocktails can come in different forms, with fruit bases, addition of alcohol. It’s blush and bloom READ ALSO : FROZEN PINA COLADA COCKTAIL Ingredients 2

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noodles vs pasta

Noodles vs Pasta Controversy

For a very long time there has been controversy in differentiating pastas from noodles, in this region where I come from which is West Africa, the actual difference is still not understood in most cases. So in this post today I will bring clarity to table between noodles and pastas, its origin and how it

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fruit storage

Storage, Preservation and Preparation of Fruits

There are so many processes related to fruit, today we will consider the three major aspects, which includes the storage, preservation and the methods of preparing our fruits. Not saying much let us check out these major and important aspects related to fruits FRUIT STORAGE 1. Remove any fruit that is bruised, damaged or overripe.

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Fruits : Types and Quality Points

Fruits are closely related to vegetables, and some foods we refer to as vegetables are botanically fruits, for example eggplant and zucchini. In daily usage the term fruit is used to describe plant foods in which the carbohydrates occur mainly in the form of sugars, while vegetables are those plant foods in which carbohydrates occur

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herbs and spices

Guide to Herbs and Spices

Herbs refer to a large group of aromatic plants whose leaves, stems or flowers are used to add flavour to other foods. Most herbs are available dried or fresh. Spices are strongly flavoured or aromatic portions of plants used as flavourings, condiment or aromatics. Spices are the bark, roots, seeds, buds or cherries of plants,

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