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By | 2017-08-30T01:19:36+00:00 June 21st, 2017|Blog|

Pasta is a generic name for an international range of foods made from a basic mixture of wheat flour or semolina and water. Eggs may be used in place of the water to give a firmer texture and a yellowed colour. Historians are divided [...]

Influences on Cooking : Religious and Spiritual

By | 2017-08-30T01:21:39+00:00 June 15th, 2017|Blog|

Food is an important part of religious observance and spiritual ritual for many different faiths, including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism, . The role of food in cultural practices and religious beliefs is complex and varies among individuals and communities. CHRISTIANITY The various [...]

Global Cuisine 2 – India, Indonesia, Italy

By | 2017-08-30T01:23:30+00:00 June 12th, 2017|Blog|

This article is a continuation of my previous post on cuisines around the world which had France, China and Germany in focus. Today we are focusing on the cuisines of India, Indonesia and Italy. INDIA INTRODUCTION Throughout the centuries India has been subjected to invasions [...]

Global Cuisine 1 – China, France, Germany

By | 2017-08-30T01:29:19+00:00 June 5th, 2017|Blog|

This article gives extensive knowledge on different cuisines around the world, what influenced them and their different style of cooking, this part focuses on the Chinese, French and German cuisines CHINESE CUISINE INTRODUCTION Chinese cooking as we know it today has evolved from the [...]

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