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blush n bloom

Blush n Bloom Cocktail

Cocktails are great option for cooling off after the days hassle and even in between. It’s pink, but does not really mean it is meant for the ladies only. It’s blush and bloom Ingredients 2 ounces half and half 1 ounce Coconut vodka Dash of Grenadine syrup Simple syrup Pina colada slush Procedure 1. Combine

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purple ocean

Purple Ocean Cocktail

Cocktails are trending, colours are attracting. Like the saying goes the eyes eat before the mouth, but in this case it’s all about drinking and sipping. Its goodness is in the taste! Purple ocean cocktail. Ingredients 2 ounces Bailey’s Irish cream 2 ounces half and half 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream Dash of vanilla

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Basic Croissant Recipe

Basic Croissant Recipe Croissant is a buttery, flaky pastry named for its crescent shape. They are made of a layered leavened dough Ingredients 3kg all purpose flour 100g cornflour 7pcs egg 80g yeast 400g sugar 60g salt 300g butter 400ml milk 600ml water 1.1kg, butter for lamination Directions 1. Dry mix ingredients 2. Add in

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noodles vs pasta

Noodles vs Pasta Controversy

For a very long time there has been controversy in differentiating pastas from noodles, in this region where I come from which is West Africa, the actual difference is still not understood in most cases. So in this post today I will bring clarity to table between noodles and pastas, its origin and how it

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